Sunday, July 25, 2010


I woke up thinking it was Monday and time for work but the moment I realised it was Sunday morning, Yippee! this is such a good start of a restful day.

Having read the Sunday newspaper first thing in the morning, it was through a recommendation that led me to this place at Bukit Timah Plaza, off my normal hangout area.  Actually I love the feel of old shopping centres with interesting discoveries from small O.M.O (one man operation) food stalls to small sized eateries that dished up delicious homely cooked food.  These are nooks that you would like to discover on a Sunday and you never know what treasure you will stumble across.  Besides Liu San, I have also discovered a very popular nonya stall that have snaking queues even before it opens after 12.00pm.

It was not difficult to find Liu San, owned by a Taiwanese.  Basically most of the diners are seated along the walkway of the shopping centre which is wide enough and the eye catching life size poster of a guy donned in traditional garb (not sure if he is the cook or the owner) beckons you there.

I loved lu rou fun (braised pork rice) for which Taiwan is famous for.  This is a definite must order dish and I must say the runny egg is the highlight of this dish here as it was perfectly done.  However, tastewise it is different from Peng Ge Lai Lu Rou Fun perhaps because the latter adds minced pork floss and salted veg. 

I ordered the popular Taiwanese Oyster Mee Suah ($6.00 for a bowl) and there was plenty of oysters to go with it.

I like the boiled dumpling jiao xi (6pieces for $4.30) with very fine smooth skin texture but the julienned ginger with the vinegar offered was a measly lot.

The place was full for lunch on a Sunday and you will be thrilled that it offered unique drunken chicken too.  I missed Taiwanese Beef noodle but what Liu San offered was spicy soup and it wasnt my palate taste for spicy things on this day, so I have it missed in my order.  The gravy is spicy and unlike added chilli, it cannot be removed so the waitress advised.

The three waitresses who stood in a row in front of the shop provides a regimented organised service, and are constantly alert and on the nimble toes serving the customers.  Good Service.

I sincerely enjoyed the simple honey lemon iced drink which was very soothing indeed.

1 Jalan Anak Bukit
#01-09 Bukit Timah Plaza
Tel: (65) 6463-1833


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