Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I emailed a fren in KL about Ampang Point and she reverted on Menara Tinjau, also known as little Genting.  It is about 280m above the sea and about 20min from KLCC.  I arranged to meet her and her hubby at Berjaya Time Square  as we were putting up at ParkRoyal Hotel, just a stone throw away.  Alas, she has mistakenly thought it was Saturday and by Friday afternoon, we could not reach her as unfortunately her handphone was battery flat, so we went ahead and found the place through GPS again.  The place is not easy to find having heard from another fren Martini who has just went there a week ago with his colleagues but the scenery is magnificent and stunningly beautiful enough to tell a tale. 

Having been to KL many times, we have not heard of this secret place which is is a treasure trove to find beautiful sunsets and twinkling city lights wide before your eyes up on a hill not too far away.  It's sleepless in KL as lights abound every where and certainly Petronas Twin Tower will just put the magic into KL.  I realised that at every corner Petronas Twin Tower served as a compass on where KL city centre is. I was up in Genting and from my room in Theme Park Hotel, it glowed like a beacon from high up too.

Well Ampang Point has a few restaurants but the seemingly popular one when we arrived there was LOOKOUT POINT restaurant perched on hill and overlooking the scenic views right below.  GASOLINE restaurant was just right below it.  The rain has just stopped and we soaked in the breathtaking view and feeling on top of the world to be up there though the city was covered in haze. 

It was like a switch up there.  FIRST with the sunset, not a beautiful one after the rain and then next it switched to dark blue sky with the city lights starting to light up before it went fullscale of KL night skyline just like a Christmas tree being litted up.

LOOKOUT POINT Western food looks good but I wasnt that impressed with it though but surpassable as a place to hangout up there. In fact, noting from my feedback that the potatoes was still under-cooked, the chef personally came round to offer an exchange which I politely declined.  The menu has a variety of dishes to offer and pricing is reasonable.  My order for a large starfruit juice came in a huge mug.

Lot 3A Pusat Pelancongan Menara Tinjau
Jalan Ampang, Hulu Langsat
43100 Bukit Langsat

For Booking/Enquiries:
Frankie - 019-2508379 / 016-2424326



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