Monday, February 8, 2010

Enchanting Mt Seorak

Seoraksan in Gangwon-do

Here at Seoraksan National Park, Mt Seorak, 설악산 is the third highest mountain in Korea and its highest peak Daecheongbong stood at 1708m.  Whilst this is my second trip, though the first time to step afoot there because it was freezing cold then to consider enjoying the surrounding beauty of this scenic place of valley and mountain.  This time round still, I did not enjoy the mountain but I traipsed down to a big stream with boulders and ice covered water. 

We made our way down and sat on a big boulder soaking the magnificent surrounding natural beauty and exceptional awesome scenery

 in the quietitude atmosphere.  It was so relaxing and captivated that we spend a good 20minutes sitting there enjoying the mountains and valleys and the soothing sound of gushing water which is trying to make it way past the icy sheets that has formed around the smaller pebbles, rocks, boulders and the cool icy crisp refreshing air , not cool but in fact very cold. 

I think this must be the Ulsanbawi Rock, which I captured before we reached Mt Seorak National Park.  So majestic, it stood tall and it was basking in the evening setting sun but the rock seems to glow distinguishing it from its surrounding.  Such a magnificent sight.



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YouandMe said...

what a beautifull scenary, made me miss Korea so much .... i must go again this year.

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