Monday, August 24, 2009


with CK Lam, Taukwa and Uncle Smart

Kafe Kheng Pin
80 Penang Road
junction with Sri Bahari Road
(along same row as Cititel Hotel)
Open 7am -3pm (closed on Monday)

Penang's Lorbak
is what we call in Singapore "ngoh hiang" but taste and texture are miles apart and this taste has been lingering in me for a long time since I have my love at first bite;

This is another popular must try street food of Penang which you should not miss cause if you do, you have missed an important essence in the food scene in Penang.

CK Lam recommended us to this famous lorbak stall at Kheng Pin Cafe where Lau Joo Choon (in his trademark white cotton beret and white apron) and his wife Khaw Ai Wah offers us delectable good deep fried lorbak (RM10.00).

He has long been in this business since 1970s, a good more than 35years of service bringing his best snacks to me and you and has continued to add new items to the many varieties to choose from. This includes a motley of other deep fried stuff like prawn fritters (RM0.70), yam (RM1.20) which is very "sarng", fish (RM1.50), bean cake, sweet potatoes, spring rolls (all RM0.70 each) and cuttle fish.

Lorbak is a actually a deep fried beancurd sheet roll wrapped over lean pork cut in thick strips. The meat is seasoned with five spice powder which provides the unique taste and is mixed with chestnuts and shallots.

This is different from "ngoh hiang" we have here in that we used minced meat instead. The dipping sauce is chilli sauce whilst we use sweet black sauce and that's how never the twain shall meet but we loved the lorbak more.

Frankly speaking, I am not as impressed with the lorbak as with the PRAWN FRITTERS.

The prawn fritter is so crispy and tasty, easy to bite without the prawn shells getting in a way. I enjoyed it very much that I order one extra piece for myself just to savour that intriguing crispy texture yet with juicy prawns. Lau actually uses the tiny white prawns, assembled them in a circle on the batter and deep fried them. This is truly an enjoyable snack that I will miss and already am missing.



P. Chong said...

Jen, the fantastic dipping sauce for lorbak is a lor sauce, which nobody is does in is a wonderful savoury, thick, smothering perfect for lorbak and heh piah (prawn fritters).

Big Boys Oven said...

waloi! how come you all never waited for me lol! yes truly fantastic, I an into deep dep fried food! lol!;)

Life for Beginners said...

The fact he's been in biz since the 70's should be a good indication of the authenticity (and delicious-ness) of his lorbak. Yummy time! :D

J2Kfm said...

just the thought of it got me salivating.
definitely the BEST on the island.

zhouzi said...

P. Chong, I recall a similar lor sauce as you described but it had chill sauce mixed in, including sliced fresh green chilli. I have this with the tau kwa pau at a stall along Singapore River and later at Joo Chiat opp Katong Mall. The one now across the road does not taste authentic. Is this the same sauce?

Selba said...

Looks so yummy! Going to put in my list what to eat in Penang :D

backStreetGluttons said...

It will interest you to know that lobak is never craved in KL, just another rough filler when got no more other better choice!
And many people think lobak means tofu and century egg with ginger and sticky sauce

CUMI & CIKI said...

i crave! i crave!

JENCOOKS said...

BBO - Your first love is baked stuff and I now know your second love - deepfried things.

PChong, correct that was the dark sauce dipping that they serve, great food.

Kenny - Penang food cannot fail to whet up your appetite or make one salivate just to think of it.

Selba - make a trip, it is worth it.

J2Kfm - so true, please wipe your mouth, Ipoh is so near Penang when you itched to enjoy it.

Zhouzhi, you are already dreaming of another dish in east coast road?

BSG, haha your KL version I guess not enuf to entice you or rather wipe all good memories of famous penang lobak after having had KL ones?

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