Saturday, June 13, 2009

JUMBO @ Dempsey

7June 2009

Jumbo @ Dempsey
Blk 11 #01-16 Dempsey Road
Singapore 249673
Tel: 64793435
Lunch: Mon – Fri: 12pm-3pm
Dinner: Mon – Fri: 6pm-12am
All Day: Sat: 12pm – 12am
Sunday & P.H.: 11.30am – 11.30pm

My ex-classmate Pern M. from KL called on Sat morning but I missed a few calls whilst doing errands in Chinatown. She is a close friend, one whom I do visit her old home at Kampung Merdeka BP eons ago. Now I get to meet her family who was in Singapore for a short getaway during the school holidays. Met her loving hubby and her four beautiful daughters, how lucky !! and I am glad to have met them with Lindy on their recent trip.

We met at Robinson where they were shopping. A quick thought that Dempsey is quite a nice place to bring them, I had to quickly organise to bring them there by about 6pm cause I have not booked the place earlier and this place is often fully booked besides today being a weekend is even more remotely possible to get a seat. However, I managed to convince that we will do a quickie and will "skoot" after 7.30pm, and eventually we got ourselves a place. What a rushed meal but sincerely it was not far from Orchard and neither was the meal a rushed one cause such serene place with lots of foliage around makes it a good setting for a leisurely dinner.

First dish was Chinese cruellers with squid paste which was deep fried and quite tasty. A good recommendation is to let them try Singapore unique Chilli Crab but this proved a bit too spicy for the girls besides "messy" hands. One of them liked the tofu with spinach, whilst the rest seemed to like the deep fried chicken which they commended to be better than KL.

Nice catching up and before the next "roll-call" party came, we left on time and they certainly enjoyed the place and food.

Deep fried Chinese cruellers with squid paste fillings

Tasty Deep Fried Chicken

Tofu Dish with mashed spinach toppings

Scallops wrapped in mashed yam

Singapore unique Chilli Crab (sri lankan)

Bun to dip with the Chilli Crab sauce

Fried Rice



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