Sunday, June 28, 2009

DIAN XIAO ER - revisted

17June 2009

Dian Xiao Er
(Changi Airport T3)
65 Airport Boulevard
Level 3 L-F3 Changi Airport Terminal 3
Tel: 6523789

Cannot decide where to go for lunch yet going to the airport at this time when Swine Flu has caught up with Singapore with most imported from overseas by passengers who flew back from swine flu infected countries and walking through the airport, going there for lunch is like a taboo. Going airport? we exclaimed but it's less crowded at T3 than at Tampines and parking is a lesser hassle and off we trooped there, the threat did not seemed real then.

Willi has made the arrangements and it was supposed to be for 9 and the 10th in Ir joined in and last minute arrangement for extra soup and rice was quickly settled.

Dong Po Rou, braised belly-pork is truly remarkable with the melting thick fats and the softened meat through long hours of braising gives you a melt-in-the-mouth experience. The layer between the fat and meat is seemingly seamless and fused and it turns wobbly when you grab it with your chopstick.

Besides this, Dian Xiao Er is popular for their duck dishes and we have ordered this heavily sedated duck with a distinct flavour of Dang Gui or tang kwei (angelica sinensis) that some may dislike the heavier than normal fragrant duck but I for one enjoyed the dish and particularly the herbal infused gravy lapped on my rice and it's just pure delight. The duck is crispy though a bit tough but Dian Xiao Er does it a mean style for one to enjoy, no doubt about it.

Char Siew was free on the house for the day and perhaps this is introductory for a new dish served. The distinct blackened tip with fat and meat cuts is a winner too and tasted like the KL version. Good recommendation,

We had other dishes and except the sliced fish which was a bit bland and not fresh tender nice, the rest including the Mongolian Pork Rib, the stir fired vegetable, the stir fry mushrooms, prawns and soup were arguably good and well enjoyed.

Certainly enjoyed another lunch at Dian Xiao Er except it was warm for a hot day and air-con was not blowing cold with drift of warm air instead.

We always end up with a cuppa coffee at Killiney Kopi Tiam or we would not have survived the afternoon with the heavy meal.

Good Makan Place !!

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