Saturday, April 25, 2009


25 April 2009

80 Marine Parade Road
B1-156/157/158 Parkway Parade
Singapore 449269
Tel: 6348849

Whilst Jencooker was browsing at BORDERS bookshop in Parkway Parade, I prefer to laze at the adjoining cafe, DOME Cafe on a Saturday morning, just absorbing the morning mood after a hectic week.

Today the weather is sweltering hot outside and the best thing is to be in an air-conditioned surrounding and that proves so much better than having breakfast in the heat of the Marine Parade Hawker Centre where I usually had my coffee from the Hilmi drinks stall.

already has a crowd in the morning and I plonked myself on a table next to the extention to the exterior of the thoroughfare of Parkway Parade and the feeling is like alfresco dining but under shade and cover of the building, this is as good as it feels. Next to me there were three Filipinos ladies already whetting up their appetite with heavy meals for breakfast when I caught sight of their lagsana order. I followed suit and ordered the same though this may be a bit heavy for breakfast, but it looks tempting alluring.

My order came and it was quite a a big portion for me to finish it.
At least the BEEF LAGSANA was good, the layers of lagsana sheets were thin, smooth and soft and it just melt in the mouth; Premium beef was used for the filling in between the layers of lagsana and topped by tomato sauce, cheese and bechemal sauce, the meal is certainly mouth-watering good. At SGD12.90, the meal was accompanied by a Hot Latte SGD4.90 and lasted until Jencooker is done with his books.

Bechemal Sauce is a French white sauce and is particularly a good accompaniment for lagsana and it is made by mixing clarified butter and flour and milk. I couldnt make up the taste of bechemal sauce but the outcome was a very nice and satisfying cheezy dish which I had this morning which lasted me through lunch.

Good Morning


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