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March 2009

6 Eu Tong Sen Steet
#03-89/97/98 The Central

Singapore 059817
Tel: 63278860
Opening: 11.30am -11.00pm

A call for A Birthday Celebration with Martini, Jo and myself at The Central

WARAKU the casual Japanese Dining restaurant, opened its first outlet at East Coast Parkway in 2000 and it has since experienced phenomenal growth with loyal diners following suit and this has led to the opening of several other outlets here and in the region including Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Waraku has not stopped here and starts innovation to introduce other concepts of dining with the successful opening of
WARAKU de Pasta offering Japanese Casual Pasta and Cafe foods with four outlets
WARAKU de Gohan for Japanese Teppan Dining experience at Orchard Starhub Centre
Mr Curry offering Japanese Curry only available at The Central.

I usually patronise the East Coast Parkway restaurant and it has always been a delightful dining experience ranging from the ambience to the service, the authentic Japanese food and the presentation of serving some ramen with extra large bowls to bowl you over such that you forget Waraku not lol...that you tend to overlook your shoulder to see what others are ordering and it always amazes you with the variety and creativity they had. Their strategy works and the diners enjoy it and so do the Japanese expatriate community here.

My friend is an ardent diner at Waraku and he simply enjoys it but an unfortunate incident due to the heavy orders and full-packed seating one evening when many were there on a celebratory mood, left him fuming over his long long awaited serving of the order he placed. Well to cut the story short, his meal was 'on the house' for the evening and an added bonus of a voucher $30 off for the next meal. Again see Waraku's commitment of making up to customer that they leave fully satisfied. Of course it has a happy ending that we got treated for the next dinner at Waraku with the given voucher but this time round he had a good evening.

He was welcomed with "open arms" by Waraku at the entrance and presented with the voucher to our surprise on what's going on and other staring at what's the fuss about. Martini had booked his favourite table next to the window which overlooks the brightly litted Clark Quay and Jo was awed by the nice setting.

I was running pretty late for dinner tonight and today is special for Martini who is celebrating his
30th Birthday, another milestone added to the carefree life of bachelorhood and being away from home half his life already, in Melbourne and now in Singapore. What going through my mind as I was in Orchard getting the presents was WHERE were we when we hit our 30th birthday? I was already married with a kid at 30 and another fren commented she is about to get married and our 30th birthday was no nite out being jolly with close frens.

Well, it's interesting to note life in different phases and one day he will think back that at 30, at least he get to relax and enjoy his birthday at Waraku and not busy fussing overs kids with milk bottles then (but I am sure you will soon be in the next few years), instead drowned in laughter ringing through the evening accompanied with very good food and mood.

Cup cakes from Crystal Jade, very cute and nice to look at only.
HaPpy Birthday !!! 3 Presents for being 30 in March

This guy was wowed by the presents more than the food ! Definitely, he was getting it not us! We enjoyed the food.

What a Birthday cake when this was served after dinner, a Surprise, Surprise ! reliving a child's play with sweet and nicely decorated cup cakes grabbing some attention from the waitresses passing by with comment like " So nice " and you said no birthday song, "pai seh" already and yet we sang.....Happy Birthday to You ....gosh are we shy too singing that in public to a 30 year old guy.

This is a very nice dish of sliced potatoes topped with Cheese coming fresh from the overn served in a pan; Certainly very appetising and three of us fight for every spoon of it.

Ramen Japanese style atypical of jajiang mien where you dipped the noodles in the given sauce.

Jo had steaming Ramen; See the special unique serving that comes in a hotpot placed over a box that adds value by presentation.

A platter of sushi is a must at any Japanese restaurant or we will not be satisfied

Fleche the area manager of Central's three Waraku concept restaurant, who has assisted me to keep the cakes until serving was overwhelmingly happy to meet another fellow Indonesian here and she was chirpily happy thanking us for dining here before we left; Well that left us an indelible note that dining here is memorable, and they had at least 3 beaming customers that nite who walked away with a wonderful dining experience........

A HAPPY 30th Birthday Celebration

And Memorable One @ WARAKU


Shell (貝殼) said...

quite new for meramen served in a hotpot~~
looks nice & creative.

Life for Beginners said...

Another 30yr old baby this year? Tell him to join our club --- my best friend and me! :D

Life really begins at 30! And judging by the presents, he's well-loved and more loved as time goes by too!

CK Lam said...

Cup cakes are getting very popular nowadays and indeed look very presentable.

CUMI & CIKI said...

Aww.. happy birthday! the cupcakes were a nice touch :)

J2Kfm said...

and I thought you came down to Ipoh! cz we got a Waraku as well. :)

Selba said...

Happy Birthday!

I just had a lunch at Waraku and the food is so yummy! :)

JENCOOKS said...

Try it in KL, I am sure they have a branch there since it has also spread it's root to Motormouth's hometown Ipoh.

Yup, Martini is very lovable chap and he thinks you are cool. Thanks for the club gang and club leader for the 30s intro, I am sure he envy all of you.

CK, cup cakes are innovative than the mundance cakes. Thanks.

Ciki, Martini read your wishes.

J2kfm, you will be invited if it was in Ipoh. So when's your BDay, hold in waraku and we will be there. I am sure you hit 30 soon?

Selba, you fella countryman also go your good wishes. Wow, such sheer coincidence that you dine there. Perhaps if this is for real, and attending a birthday party, it can coincide by others attending at various Waraku without actual presence, haha some silly thots.

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