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Eat Out in Japan ----- RAMEN BAYASHI

2nd December 2008

Ramen Bayashi533-9 Hansaki-choNarita JapanPhone 0476-24 3631

"its a TRADITION for us to be here" and
"whenever we are in town, we are sure to be here",
"it's the best ramen in town".......
Ramen Pork @ Yen780 = approx Sin Dollar 12.50
Their most popular ramen is Red Chilli Pepper Soup Ramen at Yen780 per bowl. However, we ordered the pork ramen and this is as good though the soup base is just too salty for our taste.
Bottle Opener at Yen450= approx Sin Dollar 7.20
@ 12degC outside just ooh so nice ..
@ 12degC outside just ooh so nice ..

It's deceptively quiet during the morning drizzle as we alight in front of Comfort Hotel, walked up the bridge to Keisei Narita Station, then head out towards Omote-sando street. At the end of the route, sites Narita-san Shinshoji Temple, which is a comfortable 15min walk away. But we have to catch the flight at 3pm and we gotta make a quick dig out for the longing for that bowl of noodle and the popular, much talked about Unagi restaurant.

This is my fourth visit to this place where you felt you are whisked into the Edo era (1603 -1868) and in fact along this street, housed Kikuya Restaurant which is 300years old date back to the Edo period. The street is now more organised with walking paths, stone chairs and stone sculptures, intermittently decking between the nice street lamp posts.

As we walked down this quaint street, we were looking for this old small ramen shop at the corner which we have once visited but its no where to be found. As we paused in front of a brand new shop known as RAMEN BAYASHI, we were confident that we have found it (forgot the name of the shop from before).

Inside, the place, much bigger than before, is abuzz with diners during lunch, more than half- filled by caucasians and the rest locals and you wonder why the popularity. The signs and stickers of various International Airlines do tell-tale signs that many airline crews were there during their flight layover and I was not wrong. The owner was on holiday and a quick chat with two of the caucasians dining there simply put it

We ordered the Japanese pot stickers known as gyoza and the smooth, thin skin is pan-fried on one side. Unlike the Chinese version where it goes with vinegar and julienned ginger, there isnt any accompaniment here but it's tasty and just a few mouthfuls, the plate is emptied.

The noodle is springy, pork is soft and tasty and besides, you feel very shiok slurping this hot soupy noodle in the cold weather.

The Coke we ordered came in the old bottle with cap and here they provide you with the ingenious Japanese Quick Flip bottle opener which can uncap it with such smooth and easy one step execution by just pressing the opener over the bottle and walla, it's opened. The counter do sell these though it is not so cheap for a simple gadget and what we get nowadays are canned Coke, thus there is no need for us to purchase one. However, I must admit, the novelty is great.

Piping hot bowl of RAMEN

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CK Lam said...

The sign board of the shop is unique...and thanks for the intro of the bottle opener...hope we could see it around town real soon.

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