Sunday, September 21, 2008


Durian Piah
The Durian Season is over but it has been an overwhelming one with the plentiful harvest that supply far exceeds the demand and this in turn has rippled much interest for the durian lovers. It was for the first time that I have tasted good grades of durian at rock bottom prices and I could hardly resist the temptation to buy and store them in lid tight boxes in the fridge and have a daily affair with the beloved king of all fruits, a thorny one by the way. One of my favourites, Mau San Wang (MSW), is a cultivar hence you will find the unique name tagged to it; How do you diffentiate the McCoy from the real MSW ? One should look for the durian seed with visibly exposed seed instead of a wholesome durian flesh.

With the season over, all we could get of durian will be a taste or whiff of it from the variety of products that contain durian flavours or durian fillings.

When I received a sms message, it drives me jubilantly HAPPY that I went wow, wow, wow I am getting a gift of durian "cake" which was handcarried, travelling some 894km by plane without annoying any of the passengers on board since it was plastic wrapped. Ok, it's not a real durian cake but a durian "piah" and this is uniquely baked with flour crusting the durian fillings therein and it's the first time I have tasted this. There was no need to be bruised by any thorns to get to the durian as this is a well rounded smooth "piah" with durian fillings that is worth every bite.
Thanks for the kind thoughts..........


backstreetgluttons said...

looks dry and perfect for a delicious snack with your book, or happily infront of your screen of

...the BSG... !

Christy said...

How did they manage to bring anything with durian on the plane? (I wonder)

Hehehe, don't know whether you've heard about the news where the whole flight had to be delayed because someone detected a pungent smell?:p
No worries, your durian piah will arrive soon;)

CK Lam said...

I have eaten a few types of snacks that consist the durian filling but never try a durian piah before.

Lucky of you getting to taste the snack bought back from afar.

J2Kfm said...

hmm, this is lovely! :)
i can imagine the aroma (stench, for some) bursting into the oral cavity once biting into the soft outer layer. yum ....

Jackson said...

yooo... i know i will love it! I love everything wit DUrian!!

Shell (貝殼) said...

I love durian~~but never try durian piah b4

Life for Beginners said...

I love how it's spelt "DUREN" hehe... So cute. ;)

JENCOOKS said...

KennyMah ~ "DUREN"? or Duran Duran

BSGluttons, yes in front of BSG perhaps but yet drooling on your Nonya food.

Christy, thanks for your great comments. They did arrive in time but it was more difficult to make the appointment than the plane that carries it.

CKLam, yes it's always the thoughts that count.

J2KFM, it's a diehard stench which I loved.

Jackson, same boat here who simply like bitter durian.

Shell, u have to wait for your durian piah as I did for mine.

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