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Saturday, 10th August 2008B.P CENDOL(Pak 'O')12 Jalan Engan 83000
Batu Pahat Johor


This is the much raved about Batu Pahat Chendol if not in Johor but also in Singapore. Yes, the more popular and fave chendols are from Malacca and Penang and even Telok Intan but BP Chendol is much unlike the cousins who have added "gems" in it like big red bean, grass jelly and less fine ice shaves.

It's such a nice dessert with very fine shaved ice and Chendol (green glutinous starch) with Gula Melaka and Coconut Milk in the right mix and concoction. The long strands of chendol needs skillful mastering to get to the right consistency as straining is an art to get such thin fine strands and unfamiliar hands will end up with pearl drop sizes only. The green colour is so natural and only pure pandan extracts are used and visibly this light green colour is the first surefire test for good chendol.

In the early 1930s, Abdul Jabbar Mohamad Kassim, from Ramanthapuram, India setup a roadside stall with recipe said to have originated from Indonesia during his travels. His nephew, Mohamad Ishak Mohamad Ibrahim, is now in charge of the business.
The recipe remains today as it was in the yesteryears.

The only change is the store is now modernised at least with tables and plastic chairs. I missed the old feeling where you can slurp up your bowl of chendol sitting by wooden tables and stools and long wooden benches. This nostalgic setting is now long gone..saved for the same delicious bowl of iced Batu Pahat Cendol on a hot day...

SLURP SLURP Batu Pahat Chendol that is simply original and tasty

Batu Pahat Chendol ~ One bowl too little...four bowls?

The ice quickly melts away if you are slow

Served in a Bowl or Packet eitherway; We also receive orders for whatever the occasion too

Packets with Ice cubes instead of ice shavings to keep the Chendol cool.

Hmm if only I could have EVERYTHING to myself......

The tank of rich Gula Melaka to add to the chendol

The electrical ice shaver but how did they do that yesteryears?

Nevermind, just quickly enjoy your bowl from yesteryears' recipe
~ Batu Pahat Chendol

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