Sunday, June 8, 2008


Sunday, 8th June 2008

JENCOOKS - Simple Weekend Chow
Attended City Harvest this Sunday instead as Che Anh, an American born Korean from Rock Harvest LA is the speaker and the message is simple yet good.
There is nothing better than to have simple meal at home thereafter church and today's menu is CHICKEN MACARONI which is a light and delicious meal with freshly diced bread toast toppings. We had one pot and usually these are kept in a thermo-pot which can keep the food warm throughout the day for whoever wants to dig in at their own time.

I had a satisfying two bowls and the chicken meat was tender and the bread toppings were crispy as these were separately added. It simple yet cheap and good and estimated cost is only $3.00 for the pot which can serve 8bowls.

What in it?
Half a chicken breast, diced
Half can of evaporated milk
Half pkt of seashell marcaroni
Chicken bone boiled to get the soup base
2 pcs of bread, diced 2mm thick and toasted on the frying pan.
Salt & Light sauce

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